Justified Records, provides a myriad of services to assist  artist no matter what stage of the music industry they're in.


If this is your first time creating a works, it can be downright intimidating going through the copyrighting process.  With having over 24 years of experience submitting copyrights.  We take the guesswork out of the process.

We'll do all the work for you.


Contracts & Legal

Our administrative team will draw up any contracts you need and our legal team will look them over to make sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed.

Fees Starting At $50.00 up to $5,500.00

Electronic Business Cards

Electronic business cards are all the craze.  They can be placed on your web page, sent via email or text.  No more lugging them around in your purse or wallet.  Eliminates the hassle of reordering.



Custom Built Website

We will create for you a stunning interactive website.  Up to 100 pages.

Basic 1-3 Page Website $350.00

Elite 4-6 Page Website $500.00

Complex 7-10 Page Website $1,500.00

Depending on the complexity of the project.  $75 each additional page.

Coporate Credit Building

We position businesses to receive unlimited financing by critiquing their credentials. Click here to be redirected to Quinoxus.

Promotional Package

  • Banners

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Website

  • Social Media Presence

  • Posters

  • Table Covers

  • Photo Shoot

  • Video Promo

  • 100 CD's Pre-packaged


Event Planning

Speak to us concerning your next event.


Travel Arrangements

Discounted Travel Through Our PortaL

Free Service!

Custom Flyers

Custom flyers and poster made to your specifications for any event or celebration.  


Digital Distribution

1. Mastering your Music:

● Filtered for airplay

2. Registering  & Publishing  your music with a Performing Rights Organization:

 ● Whenever your music is performed publicly, whether it be live in a venue or on TV and radio, the songwriters are due a public performance royalty. PROs are the agencies that collect these royalties and make sure that they find their way to you and your publisher.

3. Registering  your Title & ISRC:

 ● Tracks the sales and streams of music and video throughout the U.S. & Canada, and powers the Billboard Charts.

4. UPC Bar code:

  ● Monitors radio airplay in the U.S. & Canada, and publishers charts based on the most-played songs on terrestrial (AM/FM) & satellite radio

5. Submitting your Release Information:

·Tracks monitored radio, TV and Internet airplay of songs. This service also feeds into the Billboard Charts.

6. Placing your music in Digital Stores:

● Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandor, Spotify, I Tunes, You tube, Face Book and More.

7. Register your Entire Song Catalogue:

·Registering your songs with Music Reports helps to ensure that you’re collecting performance royalties from the use of your music on platforms such as SiriusXM, SoundCloud & Amazon as well as local television stations.

8. Mega Distribution:

·Placing your Project in the right hands & markets.


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