Christian Boahen

International Liaison

My name is Christian Boahen, an economics major student, at Duke Kunshan University. I also have equal interest in business management and marketing. I am a christian and I have been a successful event planner especially in my role as publicity officer. My professional and educational experiences have given me rounded skill set that I seek to bring on board to make Justified Records a success. I have hosted a lot of gospel events including Universal Praise, A Night of worship and the likes which all ended as a success.

My interest in public relation has ended me on a lot of platforms of which I communicated my ideas to large audiences. I was the runner up for the 21ST Century Cocacola Speech Contest in Shanghai in 2018. I also spoke at the BRI annual speech conference in 2019. The Justified Record task is another task I have accepted, and I hope that by the grace of our Lord Jesus the project will be a success.

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