Independent Artists

Are you experiencing the difficulties of getting your music played on the radio?  You're not alone.  Many independent artists have felt the same frustration.  Even if you have the money.  Many radio stations shy away from placing your music in the rotation because you're not represented by a record label. 

That's why Justified Records is breaking the mold in the music industry.  We give you the option to lease our record label giving you the best of both worlds.  You remain independent while using our label to get you through doors that until now have been closed. 


You retain all the rights to your music and you keep all the royalties.  You continue to record your music and do what you have always done independently.  Only now you're backed by a global giant.

Introductory offer:  We charge way less than the major record labels who normally charge $4,500.00 for the same service.  We only charge $2,500.00.  You lease the Justified Records', record label for two (2) full years.

Additional Benefits: In addition to being backed by a global giant.  You receive your own webpage on our website that you can refer to booking agents and sell your music from.


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