Duana Brown 

President & CEO

Duana Brown, a former legal secretary and senior business adviser at Generational Wealth and Equity.  First turned her sights onto the music industry in the early 80's promoting gospel concerts with her mother Marilyn Howard, who has since retired.  Through her experiences she has had the pleasure of meeting some very anointed and talented gospel artists such as Rance Allen, Lee Williams and other choice artists.


Duana, a native of Oakland, California, is a gifted songwriter who also loves writing poetry, jingles, and children's books.  Duana's love for music began at age seven when her mother had a Hammond organ delivered to their home. 


Duana was called into the ministry in July of 1993.  She has preached in churches all across the country, Jamaica and the Bahamas. 

Duana Brown, a brilliant businesswoman has owned and established many businesses over the years.  She has also directed her own television commercial and has graced the television screen as a hair model. 

In 2018, Duana joined a prominent Dallas record label as an Executive Officer to help relaunch the 30-year-old company that had been lying dormant for over 10 years.  After their successful launch, Duana realized that the old school way of doing things just wasn't for her and she decided to branch out on her own and do something different.  Thus Justified Records was born.

Duana, who considers herself as a Talent Acquisition Specialist says, that she has found a way to take anointed unknown artists and turn them into overnight sensations seemingly overnight without bouncing them from church to church. But don't ask her how it's done because she'll tell you it's a highly classified spiritual trade secret.


Duana says, that the future looks bright for Justified Records and she's looking forward to meeting and working with new and upcoming gospel artists. Her goal is to make Justified Records a fortune 500 company that edifies Jesus Christ through music. She wants Justified Records to be a platform that up and coming gospel artists can shine from.

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