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International Gospel Competition Entry Form & Rules

All Entry Registration forms and appropriate entry fees must be received in our offices no later than

September 15th, 2019 by 12:00 midnight.  Sound systems will be provided by Justified Records.

For additional rules and information regarding this competition, click the International Gospel Competition link on our

website located at: or call 1+833-377-3737 ext. 810 toll-free.

Make all Checks, Cashier Checks and U.S. Postal Money orders, payable to: Justified Records /

Memo: 2019 International Gospel Competition


Justified Records

Attn: International Gospel Competition

10455 N Central Expwy. Suite 109-108, Dallas, Texas 75231



Saturday, October 12, 2019, at 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm

The competition will be held at the Sheraton Hotel/Grand Ballroom,                 

4801 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75244










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Rules and Guidelines  

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1. Contest participants check-in with the Justified Record's volunteers and staff and submit their accompaniment CD, USB DRIVE, DIGITAL TRACK (if using one), and identify which track you want to be played.

2. Participants will be given a number and placed on the roster

3. Competition ends after the last available performer.

4. The judges will convene.

5. The winner(s) will be announced, called to the stage, have their picture taken with staff from Justified Records, and will be awarded a prize.

6. Group picture is taken of all the winners on the stage.

7. There is no minimum age requirement, but children must be able to sing well to enter the contest.

8. NOTE: There are three (3) categories such as soloist (male and female), group, and Instrumental. You'll be judged on appearance, style, pitch, and singing.

9. We provide a sound system (microphones, jacks for electric instruments, stage monitors, speakers, and a CD player) and a sound engineer to play the CD and adjust the sound.

10. We do not provide musical instruments, music stands or clips, instrument stands, seats, or accessories.

11. Songs should have Christian-themed lyrics (a gospel song).



12. Perform one song, no longer than 5 minutes. Depending on the number of contestants and if time permits, Mini Concerts can play up to four (4) songs, 4 minutes each.

13. Singers must provide an accompaniment CD (tracks) (unless singing a cappella without accompaniment) AND/OR - your own live accompaniment (musicians and their instruments)

14. It is the responsibility of the performer to be sure that the CD is not scratched and will work well for the performance.

15. If the CD fails to play well, a backup song should be provided for performance either right away, or later in the program, as the situation demands.

16. Label your accompaniment CD (full name & phone) and anything brought on stage so that it may be clearly identified as yours. Do not take anything from the stage that does not belong to you.  Label your CD (& CD case) with your name, and what track to play.

17. The contest will be performed live in front of the audience and judges.

18. Winners will be announced at the end of the contest.

19. Payment of the entry fee is required before performing.  We will only accept a CASH payment on the day of the event. No Checks! No Money Orders!, No Cashier's Checks! will be accepted that day.

20. If you have a band that needs to set up, arrive at the stage early to set up your instruments. Any band instruments must be taken off stage immediately after the performance if possible, or at the end of the contest if it would cause distraction or delay to do it earlier.

21. The order of contestants shall be determined by the staff of the competition.

22. Each song will get its full play. However, contest staff has the right to interrupt a song for sound quality, technical difficulty, appropriateness or any other reason.

23.  Performers must be present to win with the exception of foreign online entry submissions.  Should an online entry performer win, they will be notified the same evening via the contact information provided by them.

24. No alcohol or drugs are allowed; no tobacco/smoking allowed onstage. Profanity is not allowed. Pets are not allowed. Any performers or musicians who are incapacitated will not be allowed on stage to participate.


25. Stage clothes should be clean, in good condition, modest and not too revealing. This is a performance and clothing should be semi-formal attire. business-casual to dressy, appropriate for a Christian audience.  No message on the clothing or accessories should endorse anything that would be considered offensive to a Christian audience. If there are doubts, we will ask you to have other clothing available.  No tube tops.  No miniskirts. Shirt and shoes must be worn. Jeans are not permitted.

26. TUNE YOUR INSTRUMENT with the accompaniment, other instruments, and itself - BEFORE stage time.

27. The performer(s) shall be ready when called.

28. The performer(s) shall quickly take the stage, and signal when they are ready to begin the song.

29. To keep the flow of the competition moving, the performer(s) shall enter the stage area, perform, and leave the stage area in a timely and professional manner. Do not give a commentary, long introduction, naming the performers, etc.  Each performer only has 5 minutes per song.

30. The singers and any accompanying musicians, family, helpers, children, and guests, should behave in a courteous manner to the competition staff and volunteers, and the audience. Any rudeness, profanity, threats, or unwelcomed behavior will give cause to the performer being disqualified and dismissed from either performing and/or for winning.

31. NOTE:   Performers shall allow their photo or video to be taken for use of promotion in our literature, videos, news media and online, including their name and hometown. Performers have the option to be available to sign autographs for those in the audience. By entering this competition, you are giving us your permission to use your image, name, and information publicly.

32. Performers and those with them shall be respectful of the other performers in the competition by not causing disturbance or distraction to them or to the competition staff and volunteers before, during or after the others' performance.  Refrain from talking when someone is performing.

33. No Refunds!!! If a participant must withdraw, their entry fee will not be refunded. All helpers, volunteers, family members, and guest of the artists and members of the audience must pay either a ticket fee of $50.00 per person or pay for a VIP Ticket of $75.00 which includes meal and honored guest seating.

34. Concerning Insufficient Fund Payments: If a winning participant's registration payment check does not clear, the right to the recording session, cash prize or cruise to the Bahamas will be withheld until the entry fee has been paid in full.  Winner must complete the payment transaction within 24 hours of winning the prize.  If the winner fails to complete the transaction within the 24-hour time frame, the winner forfeits the prize.


35. The appointment at the Recording Studio is between the winners and the owner of the studio (                        ) directly. If a winner wishes to use the studio for more hours than they have won for free, they shall make such arrangements, preferably in writing, and pay the studio the normal studio rates for their services.

36. NOTE:  The prize is only good for 1 year, at which point it expires. 

37. Justified Records and Amazing Praise Studios, retains the right to prohibit any person or group from participating in this contest for any reason network officials deem appropriate.  Contestants are allowed to participate in this event by permission from Justified Records, and Amazing Praise Studios.  Any potential contestant who is not allowed to participate will be refunded their entry fee.

38. These rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice.



1. Ability and presentation.

2. Musical ability on instruments (level of difficulty of the music, being in tune, being in rhythm, etc.)

3. Vocal quality (including, but not limited to, range, vibrato, tone, strength, technique, style, phrasing, breath control, pitch control, staying in rhythm, articulating the lyrics, etc.)

4. Stage presence, poise, and confidence (including but not limited to: holding the microphone correctly and consistently, presenting the song with appropriate emotion and facial expression, use of the body, eye contact with the audience, and connecting with the audience and judges).

5. Appropriateness of song for the singer's voice (not too high or low for their range).

6. Ability to perform the style of the song

7. Ability to overcome challenges with the song or a mistake and still finish well.

8. The overall presentation of style and content.

9. The decisions of the winners of the International Gospels Competition are final and at the discretion of Justified Records' staff and selected judges.

10. Judges are comprised of industry professionals.

Claiming the Studio Recording Prizes:

1. The prize must be claimed within 1 year or it is forfeited.

2. Recording time at the Studio does not include music tracks or musicians (you must provide the music/musicians).

3. For your convenience, the Studio has musicians and a soundtrack catalog available.  Once your demo is complete, you will have the option to purchase complete packaged CDs from and through Justified Records to share or to sell if you so choose.  If the artists are interested in purchasing any promotional materials through Justified Records it will be at the expense of the artists. All orders must be paid in advance.  Please note that the artist must provide his or her own artwork and or photos to be used on promotional materials.


1. First Place - 1(One) year Recording Contract with Justified Records. This prize includes 1(One) Demo, Cash Prize and or Cruise to be announced.

2. Second Place – Cash Prize & Prizes to be announced.

3. Third Place - Cash Prize & Prizes to be announced

4. Door Prizes and Gift Bags are not a part of the competition.

In the case of a tie for first place, second, or third place, the winner will be chosen by a coin toss.

All prizes not claimed by their respective expiration date will be forfeited by the winning contestant.

Please note: Prizes are subject to change.  Justified Records reserves the right to add or change prizes on or before the contest date of October 12, 2019.

Justified Records reserves the right to cancel the Believe In You International Gospel Competition at any time for any reason.  If competition is canceled on behalf of Justified Records.  Justified Records will refund all entry fees.

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