"believe in you"

Youth initiative

There was an article in the Urban Intellectuals, about four young teens who walked into a La Grange Housing Authority and asked for jobs.  When asked why they wanted a job they responded, to avoid getting into trouble and they didn’t want to be in a gang.  They were hired immediately.  It takes a lot of courage to resist temptation when facing hard times. 


We understand the pressures on our youth in this country.  I’ve said it for years that most children don’t grow up with the intentions of getting into trouble.  But a child left to his or her own devices will succumb to outside negative influences over time. 

That’s why Spirit Of The Lord Outreach Ministries, a registered 501(C)3 organization and Justified Records has made it their mission to empower the youth by turning them into assets instead of liabilities.  JR Executives. We have taken it upon ourselves to stand in the gap to provide an avenue that will steer our youth in the right direction.  By signing them to the record label we are giving them their own business in the music industry that will open doors to an exciting new world where their minds can be actively engaged.  Resulting in a reduction of crime and leaving a positive impact on the communities where they live.

We give them spiritual guidance which instills self-discipline, honesty, and focus. We show them how to run a small business after which we take them into the recording studio and show them how to produce a professional product for distribution.  Finally, we teach them how to build their brand, market their product and most importantly money management.  

This coming October 12, 2019, we're putting on the "Believe In You" International Gospel Competition at the Sheraton Hotel by the Galleria. 

That means young adults from around the globe will be flocking to Dallas for a chance to win some awesome prizes.   This will be an elegant event with great music, live performances, and lots of fun.


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