Debra Wilson's journey began in 1999 when she was released from a therapeutic community where the Lord gave her visions of her new life, a new journey, new way.


God taught her how to compose, write and sing his praises.  She has been blessed to travel to many cities and states to sing and to perform on many stages.  She was also the founder and manager of "The Angels of Praise" and the group called Genesis between 2000 - 2005 where they were recording and singing.


In 2006 Debra moved to the Houston area where she went solo in 2010.  Debra was on the Marvelous Joy record label until 2012.  She was on the Bobby Jones show June 6, 2011, in New Orleans, LA.  Debra also worked as a cosmetologist for 30 years and as a licensed cosmetology director for five years at Academy of Hair Design in Beaumont, TX. 


Debra has written over 100 songs, recorded and performed on various stages in various places.  To God be the glory for the deliverance from drug addiction, liver damage and heart attack symptoms that today is all of her message in songs and testimony to let people know that the blood still works.


Debra is still praising God in song and spirit.  Doors have begun to open for her faithfulness.  She is starring in the stage play titled "Born 2 Win".  Written by Kay Bell and is going in every direction that God is sending her for God to get the glory.


There have been many mishaps in her life.  The good, the bad, and ugly things have happened in her life but have been overcome by God's grace and mercy.

Remember I, you and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


The song "In Your Presence" is a song that comes from the Holy Spirit through prayer.  

Debra Wilson

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